Every other Tuesday, the Big Story Podcast drops an inspiring conversation with amazing creators to learn their origin story, tell tall tales, discuss the creative process, and splash a little hype.

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The Big Story Podcast started in 2019 as a weekly get-together between art college friends, thousands of miles apart. From there, we invited other creative friends on as guests until it grew into a proper podcast aimed to inspire people to pursue their dreams.

Queen of the Amazons w/ KELLY SUE DeCONNICK - Episode 134

Comic book writer KELLY SUE DeCONNICK joins us to talk about her journey in and through the comic book industry; choosing to write about what was important to relaunch CAPTAIN MARVEL; music; theater; and her magnum opus, WONDER WOMAN HISTORIA.

Hustling for Gold w/ RUSSELL NOHELTY - Episode 133

USA Today Bestselling author, RUSSELL NOHELTY joins us to talk about his journey from wanna-be writer to authoring over 70 novels and comics. We talk about his early misfire, then his impressive success on Kickstarter. We talk a lot about process and what it takes to write so many works. Check out the episode here and his latest anthologhy work, CTHULU IS HARD TO SPELL: BATTLE ROYALE (cthulhuishardtospell.com)

Finding Magic in Nature w/ LINNEA STERTE - Episode 132

Writer, illustrator, and world-class comic creators LINNEA STERTE joins us from Sweden to talk about their journey and particular view on creating comics. Do yourself the favor and check out this creators amazing work, and their comic GARDEN OF SPHERES on Patreon.

Working with Your Demons w/ HYENA HELL - Episode 131

Writer, cartoonist, and illustrator, HYENA HELL serves up a healthy dose of candor and humor about her work and process. Ms Hell’s recent books, “No Romance in Hell” and “Demons, To Earth and Back”, feel like a thoughtful and personal spin on R Crumb, EC Comics, and Love & Rockets. Do yourself a favor and track down this work. But after watching this episode. Or before, but watch the show.

Change Comics w/ RICHARD STARKINGS - Episode 130

Few people change their respective industry in significant ways, but today’s guest, master letterer and writer, RICHARD STARKINGS is one of those people. Rumor has it Rich’s done such a consummate job in developing and proliferating digital lettering for comics that Ames Lettering Guide Corp has a contract out on him. This could be true, or just the raving imagination of a podcast host. You be the judge.

Move Your Goalposts w/ JEREMY HOLT - Episode 129

If there’s anyone who is making great waves now, it’s this week’s guest, JEREMY HOLT. Jeremy’s books, SKIP TO THE END, BEFORE HOUDINI, and the smash hit, MADE IN KOREA are the result of great introspection and hard work. Tune in and get inspired.

Make a Career in Comics w/ GEORGE SCHALL - Episode 128

Brilliant comic book artist GEORGE SCHALL joins us from Barcelona to talk about a multi-year plan to create comic books for a living. How supporting this effort with graphic design work required a lot of discipline and personal vision. Check out Georges books, MADE IN KOREA from Image Comics, a and BETTER ANGELS from Boom Studios.

Find Your Voice + Work w/ MALISSA WHITE - Episode 127

Publishing your own comics, writing for other imprints, and editing for Scout Comics, doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Join us for an inspiring and funny conversation with writer, editor, and amazing person, MALISSA WHITE. Check out all of Mal’s work, especially her horror comic, NIGHTMARE. If you’re not fired up to make great comics after this, check your pulse.

Break into Comic with CHRIS SOTOMAYOR - Episode 126

Find out how far someone trying to get into comic will go. Join us for a great talk with colorist, educator, and illustrator for; Marvel, DC, Target, Motown, Disney, and Hasbro… CHRIS SOTOMAYOR. Chris’ ongoing journey in a changing industry is informative and inspirational—a roadmap for improvement and adding value. This is a must for any pro, or aspiring pro.

Episode 125 DAN PRICE Proves Bigfoot is Real

We welcome comic book writer/artist… DAN PRICE. Join us as Dan talks about combining his passion for comics and expertise in marketing into his latest title; BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE. Dan shares his insights on how he ran a successful Kickstarter campaign and where he plans to take the series. Plus, we swear Dan said Bigfoot is real in the episode, and this comc is more or less a biographical work—at least, that’s what we heard…

Episode 124 United Forces; Crashover Kickstarter Campaign—
The Final Push

Battered and bruised the incredible creative team of NICK CAGNETTI, BRADLEY LITTLEJOHN, AMANDA SEMLER, BLAKE SEALS, PHIL AVELLI, GARY DUFNER, and ALEX MORRISSEY regroup in preparation for the final three days of the UNITED FORCES; CRASHOVER comic campaign on Kickstarter.

Episode 123 Comic Book Artist… RYAN SOOK

A fantastic conversation about the complexities of adopting digital tools into an analog process and seeking the work the best suits you with Legion of the Superheroes, Blue & Gold artist extraordinaire, RYAN SOOK!

Episode 122 Comic Book Writer… CHRIS MOSES

We welcome back friend of the podcast, THE SATURN EFFECT mastermind, and comic book writer, CHRIS MOSES to talk about his current Kickstarter campaign for issue three of THE SATURN EFFECT, and tips and tricks to run a better Kickstarter.

Episode 121 A Talk with Master Comic Book Illustrator and Writer…

A fantastic conversation that bobs and weaves through GENE HA’s origin story, creating comics, gaming, and his upcoming work in WONDER WOMAN HISTORIA: THE AMAZONS VOL 2. Super happy to talk to such fun and thoughtful person.

Episode 120 A conversation with comic book artist and character designer… MAURICIO LEONE

Fellow #crashover comic collaborator and all round amazing guy… MAURICIO LEONE joins us from Brazil to talk about drawing comics, breaking into the US market and his recent character design work with Marvel Studios. We also talk about the movies, TV showes, and comics that influence us.

Episode 119 Talking toys and comics with BARBARIAN RAGE toymaker and storyteller… SCOTT CHERRY

We travel through the fantastic mind of brilliant toymaker and comic book creator, SCOTT CHERRY. We track the pre and post Star Wars toy world, discuss the lates issue of his truly amazing comic, BARBARIAN RAGE, and share some of our latest things to read.

Episode 118 An In-Depth Conversation with Master Comic Book Writer and Illustrator PHIL JIMENEZ

We travel through the fantastic mind of brilliant toymaker and comic book creator, SCOTT CHERRY. We track the pre and post Star Wars toy world, discuss the lates issue of his truly amazing comic, BARBARIAN RAGE, and share some of our latest things to read.